Greek Biotope/Wetland Center

Talent undertakes the implementation of the geoinformation system of the Greek Biotope/Wetland Center. The system will support the visualization and general manipulation of the geo-datasets of the Greek Biotope/Wetland Center, in compliance with the INSPIRE directive.

Educational Simulations System

Talent undertakes the implementation of an information system for the creation delivery of educational simulations over the web. The project is implemented on behalf of the University of Thessaly.


Talent initiates MC-Squared a new EC-funded R&D project that will provide learning tools that foster creativity. The project is developed in collaboration with Computer Technology Institute & Press Diophantus, the Universiteit of Utrecht, the Institute of Education of the University of London, the Universitat de Barcelona, the Univestite Lyon 1 Claude Bernard, the Martin Luther Universitaet, the Aristod, and Testaluna SRL.

Cultural Navigator of Athens

Talent initates the development of the Cultural Navigator of Athens, an electronic guide for smartphones and tablets for the history and civilization of the city of Athens. The project is developed on behalf of the Foundation of the Hellenic World.


Talent initiates Geostream a new EC-funded R&D project that will provide tools for a) smart data mining and fusion for User-Generated Geocontent existing on the Web b) Web-based geospatial content authoring tools for these data and c) means to publish such content and provide related services on the Web as well as on mobile devices. The project […]

Full-fledged Installation of Forest Fire Risk Management System

Talent to install a full-fledged Forest Fire Risk Management System in Semey Ormany, Kazakhstan, in collaboration with AerAnT, Kazakhstan. The system involves a central server with mapping and simulation software and mobile clients, configured to collect and process input over a wireless network from a) rover vehicles, b) meteorologicsl stations and c) from a network of forest […]

Snappcar adopts Call&Nav

Snappcar Inc adopts a Call Dispatching solution for Livery Car Services in the New York city area, based on Talent Call&Nav.

Tele-health solutions

Talent initiates the development of tele-health solutions including tele-diagnosis and remote health care from remote experts.

Travel Agent

Talent initiates interactive Travel Agent, a new two-year R&D project co-funding project from GSRT, regarding the development of a touristic guide for Android mobile devices by utilizing interactive maps and augmented reality techniques.