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Union of Pontian Pierias

Development of interactive actions, consisting of digitization of documents of the cultural collection, creating a database and digital repository, creating an online hub, creation of a digital children’s application with traditional costumes and a digital oral history workshop.


Municipality of Ierapetra

Enrichment of the tourist product of the Municipality of Ierapetra, by displaying and highlighting the contents of the Library, of villages and of the monuments of the Municipality Ierapetra.


Development of interactive applications for the touristic promotion of the Library and the Monuments of the Municipality of Ierapetra.

Cultural and Tourism Hoard of Mykonos

Development of VR & AR applications for the presentation of Cultural and Tourism Hoard of Mykonos.

200 years – Great Little Heroes

Development of “Great Little Heroes” application on behalf of the Committee “Greece 2021”.

Institute of Educational Policy

Development of educational software for students with special needs on behalf of the Institute of Educational Policy.

Digital Acropolis Museum

Development of 12 interactive exhibits for the Digital Acropolis Museum.

Digital Athos Arc

Development of interactive applications for the presentation of the digital archives of Mount Athos in the context of the Athos Digital Arc project.

Cyprus Police

Installation of a Call&Nav based Fleet Management and Call Dispatching system to Cyprus Police, in collaboration with Computerland Centre LTD, NVTracker LTD and Geometric LTD.

Archeological Society at Athens

Digital Archiving System and interactive presentation applications for the Archaeological Society at Athens. The project is developed in collaboration with AMS.

CTI Diophantus

Design and implementation of a Simulation-based Game regarding the Internet-Security for Gymnasium students, on behalf of CTI-Diophantus. The project is developed in collaboration with Korymvos S.A. and AMPlus S.A.

Gennadius Library

Development of interactive applications for the presentation of the digital assets of the Gennadius Library on behalf of American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

Cultural Navigator of Athens

Creation of Cultural navigator of Athens by developing a mobile application for the Foundation of the Hellenic World.

Eurocraft Game

Collaborative educational games

Reviving the Ancient Agora

Development of web applications for the Foundation of the Hellenic World.

Digital Paleogeography

Developing a web application demonstrating interactive maps and presentation for 115 archaeological sites of the Greek landscape for the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology.


Development of web and mobile applications for the Greek Ministry of Education.

Writing History Series

TV production aiming youth creativity


Interactive Technology Park for kids

Museum DVDs

Development of multimedia applications for the interactive presentation of (12) prominent archaeological sites and museums.

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