Acropolis Museum

Creation of the Digital Acropolis Museum by developing (12) interactive exhibits for the Acropolis Museum


Creating a cutting-edge Digital Museum

In the context of the project “Creation of the Digital Acropolis Museum”, Talent, as a subcontractor of the main contactor Cosmote, developed a number of interactive applications, exhibits and games.

Visit The Acropolis Museum for detailed descriptions.

interactive applications

Digital Museum's Applications in a glance


Wedding “blog” describing the wedding ceremony in ancient Athens

From the Museum Collections

Interactive display of selected exhibits of the Museum, in an array of four (4) vertical 55” touch screens

Τhe dispersion of the Acropolis antiquities

Application presenting various stories of the dispersion of the Acropolis antiquities

Discovering the Acropolis inscriptions

Interactive display of 20 marble inscriptions accompanied with narratives, in a vertical 55” touch screen

Rock – Chisel – Scribble

Interactive game for stone inscriptions

Family Audio Guide

Mobile app/audio guide for kids implementing a “live” tour for selected museum exhibits

Secrets hidden in the soil

Interactive excavations game

Inscriptions from the Erechtheion

interactive display of two marble inscriptions from the Erechtheion, in a vertical 55″ touch screen

Mission S.A.M.M. (Unite the Parthenon’s Sculptures)

Interactive game regarding the preservation of Parthenon sculptures through the collection of their “digital copies”

The Gigantomachy

Interactive arcade-style game regarding the famous theme of Gigantomachy

Holographic projection of the statue of Athena Parthenos

Holographic projection of the famous statue

Audio guide

Mobile app/audio guide for selected museum exhibits

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