Digital Transformation of the Olympic Museum

Digitization of a hundred pivotal exhibits from the Museum's collection. These artifacts, representing both the modern Olympic Games and the broader sports legacy of our country, will be processed to create immersive 3D and 2D digital replicas.


Talent is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki for a groundbreaking project in digital transformation. Building on our successful collaborations, this initiative aims to digitize the Museum's extensive collection of historical artifacts and memorabilia, spanning 125 years of sports history. Through cutting-edge techniques and innovative digital applications, we aspire to bring the Olympic Museum's treasures to life in the digital realm, ensuring accessibility and engagement for enthusiasts and scholars alike.

Digitization Process

Method A: 3D Scanning
Fifty exhibits will undergo 3D scanning using advanced spherical photographic rendering methods. This technique captures the artifacts' intricate details, allowing viewers to explore them interactively and gain a profound understanding of their historical significance.

Method B: 2D Scanning
The remaining fifty artifacts, including photographic relics and historical documents, will be scanned in two dimensions. This method preserves the authenticity of these items, ensuring their unique characteristics are faithfully represented in the digital format.


Digital Exhibition Applications


The digitized exhibits will serve as the foundation for a series of engaging digital exhibition applications:

Online Reports:

Comprehensive digital exhibits will be accessible online, providing detailed historical context and significance for researchers and enthusiasts.


View Master Views:

Visitors can virtually explore artifacts from various angles, fostering a deeper connection with the exhibits and their historical narratives.


Video Projections:

Captivating video projections on large surfaces within the museum will immerse visitors in dynamic presentations, unveiling the stories behind the artifacts in vivid detail.


Layout and Application of Virtual Overflight:

A pioneering feature enabling visitors to virtually navigate the museum, gaining a holistic view of the exhibits and their placement, enhancing their understanding of the collection’s depth and diversity.


Through this project, Talent continues its commitment to preserving cultural heritage and embracing digital innovation. By leveraging technology, we aim to make the Olympic Museum’s rich history accessible to a global audience, fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for our sporting legacy. Join us on this exciting journey into the future of museum experiences.

This collaborative initiative underscores Talent’s, BRIEF CONSULTING’s and subcontractors Project 210’s, and MOPTIL’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage through digital innovation, ensuring the Olympic Museum’s legacy resonates globally.

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