Municipality of Nafplio

Digital tours and virtual visits through Nafplio’s 19th century historical routes


In the context of this project, Talent undertakes as a contractor the development of an engaging and educational online platform based on destination management system technologies that delves into Nafplio's rich history, culture, and attractions. In the project, participate as associated partners the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Moptil - Mobile Optical Illusions, and MainSys - Management Information Systems.


The project’s digital platform delivers the following interactive web applications:


Interactive flat and 3D relief maps

Through the platform’s interactive and 3D relief maps users can tour the history and monuments of the area, discovering its landmarks, archaeological sites, historical buildings, museums, and hidden gems. The maps feature detailed markers with pop-up multimedia information, allowing users to delve into the history and significance of each location.


3D representation of sculptures

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D modeling technology, the project recreates the city’s sculptures and statues commemorated to national heroes and figures of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. Users can interact with the 3D models online, viewing them from various angles, and gain a deeper appreciation for Nafplio’s cultural heritage.


3D representation of the Fortress of Bourtzi

The first-ever 3D representation of the Fortress of Bourtzi offers a virtual tour to this iconic historical site allowing visitors to walk around its outdoor walls, its bastions, and the indoor spaces, and gain an unpreceded experience of its architectural beauty.


360 Virtual Tours

A virtual tour of the city’s most known landmarks is also implemented through a series of 360o panoramas.


Narrative Videos

Narrative interactive videos based on 360° aerial shots offers visitors a new way to immerse themselves in the historical routes of Nafplio and explore the city’s prominent landmarks related to the War of the Greek Independence, along with its architectural heritage and its religious monuments.


AR Digital Guide app

Finally, the project includes the development of an Augmented Reality (ΑR) Tour Guide app offering visitors multimodal information about suggested walking routes, such as photos, graphics, audios, texts, and GPS tracking on the map.  Furthermore, through the app, when visitors are in front of a selected point of interest, they can view it overlaid by digital information on to the real one, allowing them to immerse in a hybrid environment in a new and engaging way.

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