Institute of Educational Policy

Talent undertakes the development of educational software for students with special needs on behalf of the Institute of Educational Policy.

Digital Athos Arc

Talent undertakes the development of interactive applications for the presentation of the digital archives of Mount Athos in the context of the Athos Digital Arc project.

Archaeological Society at Athens

Talent in collaboration with AMS undertakes the implementation of the Digital Archiving System and interactive presentation applications for the Archaeological Society at Athens.

CTI Diofantus

Talent in collaboration with Korymvos S.A. and AMPlus S.A. undertakes the implementation of a Simulation-based Game regarding the Internet-Security for Gymnasium students, on behalf of CTI-Diofantus.

Writing History Series

Talent undertakes the production of a series of episodes of the “γράφω eστορία” TV production on behalf of the New Hellenic Radio Internet Television (NERIT).

Educational Simulations System

Talent undertakes the implementation of an information system for the creation delivery of educational simulations over the web. The project is implemented on behalf of the University of Thessaly.


Talent initiates MC-Squared a new EC-funded R&D project that will provide learning tools that foster creativity. The project is developed in collaboration with Computer Technology Institute & Press Diophantus, the Universiteit of Utrecht, the Institute of Education of the University of London, the Universitat de Barcelona, the Univestite Lyon 1 Claude Bernard, the Martin Luther Universitaet, the Aristod, and Testaluna SRL.

Co-development of educational sailing tool

Talent wins a research / co-funding project from GSRT for co-developing an educational sailing tool, in collaboration with Postscriptum, Valkaniki Naytiliaki and the University of Athens.

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