Meet calnav, the all-in-one call dispatching platform

A Call Center support Dispatching and Fleet Management System for Taxi companies, Courier services, Insurance companies, Road Assistance and Emergency services


The all-in-one call dispatching platform

Calnav supports Call Centers in dispatching the received requests for action to rover agents based on their availability, status and relative location with regard to the location of the requested action. Calnav is the ultimate solution for Emergency Services, Road Assistance, Courier and Logistics Services, Taxi companies and more. Calnav combines the use of a central geo-information system with mobile devices over 3G/4G networks.


Call Center Operators

Incoming calls calling for action, are fed into the system by the operators (location, incident type, etc) and the system provides the list of the nearest to the incident agents that are able to handle the action. Agents respond to the calls according to their availability and eventually one of them is assigned to serve the call. Operators have the overview of the status of all calls and the entire history of the call-service cycles is recorded for the production of various types of reports.

The Agents

Rover agents use a smartphone or tablet to communicate with the system. They can receive calls and respond to them with simple gestures, get step-by-step directions on how to reach the incident location, and report back the progress and status of the service cycle.

End Users

Clients can place calls for service either by ordinary phone-call to the provider’s Call-center, or through their smartphones by using the Calnav client-app. Either way, the calls-for-service are forwarded to the operators who process them accordingly. Clients are notified on the agent that is assigned to their call and can follow-up the progress of the process in real time.


The system can be customisable upon client's request

• Its functional characteristics (more features can be added to cover specific requirements and needs

• The user interface (look & feel with company logos)

• Its connectivity with other back-office and legacy systems (GIS, ERP, etc) or data bases

• The geographic coverage so that the required areas are covered to the suitable detail

Three deployment options

Choose one of the following calnav deployment options that suits you best

Calnav Max

Purchase of the Call&Nav software and installation on your own Server

Calnav Business

Use of calnav as a service (running from our own servers) under a fixed monthly fee independently of usage capacity

Calnav One

Use of calnav as a service (running from our own servers) with a monthly fee depending on the number of expedited calls

Key Features

Calnav platform at a glance

• Call management and route assignment based on incident / agent locations and availability in real time
• Monitoring of the progress of each call through color-coding of their status
• Fast call assignment / agent response cycles 
• Immediate geo-location of any start / destination address
• Continuous monitoring of the movement of the fleet of agents on interactive map
• Ability for automatic assignment of calls based on rules if required, with no operator intervention
• Creation and management of agent and vehicle databases
• Complete reporting of timestamped activity: calls dispatched, routes driven by agents, etc
• Step-by-step navigation of the rover agents towards the destination points
• Customised maps by adding personalised geographic data like POIs over existing maps

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