Eurocraft Game

Creation of "Εurocraft – Explore critical heritages through vid-maps" Created in the context of the CoHere project


The aircraft “Eurocraft” travels around Europe as a matrix to collect data (images, videos, sound) and stories concerning European Heritage and Identity. The material uploaded by the players, their participation in games as well as the creation of multilayer dot maps are the keys to unlock the stands with the heritage objects and create a three-floor heritage air-museum.​


Serious game prototype, was created in the framework of WP5 CoHERE project (Horizon 2020), with the aim to promote the communication of cultural heritage(s) between people within Europe, as well as to encourage the dialogue and the understanding of the “European Other”
Moreover, it will be a research tool to investigate the perceptual regions of pupils from different parts of Europe through:
• their “footprints” (material they upload),
• the games they play and
• multilayer dot maps of heritage distributions they create (vid-maps) by overlapping thematic layers of heritage information.
The game was applied to pupils of multicultural schools, preservice teachers and educators in order to obtain feedback from all aspects of the architectural, pedagogical and cognitive concept. The testing stage is crucial to the success of the system development and it is essential to be able to contribute fully to the educational community.​


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